About Us

Pecan Internet services started in 2008. We also own a water well company called Geophysical drilling Inc. We tried different internet sources, satellite, phone line with terrible results.

Since we already had a 100 Ft tower by our shop for amateur radio use, we decided to get a T-1 line which averages up to 2 Mbps to help with the online filing of drilling reports. The T-1 line was a little better but still very slow.

We kept it for 6 months and upgraded to a 3-T line which doubled help us work a little faster. Then we decided to see if we could transmit it wirelessly to our house behind our shop and it work great. One our neighbors came in our office complaining about not having any decent Internet service in our area. He asks what we were using for Internet and we explained that it was wireless from a 3T line and he asked if he could try shooting it back to his house which was at least a mile and a half from the tower. We set it up and he got a good signal and he started telling all the other neighbors in our subdivision and that’s how Pecan Internet came alive.

During hurricane Ike, we never lost Internet service we powered up everything with a generator and made sure the people who had power had access to the Internet.We now have fiber optics in Fulshear and Waller and send it wirelessly from many access points north, south, east, and west of Fulshear and Waller.

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