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Get the speed your business needs! Pecan Internet commercial service plans provide larger transmission resources for your everyday needs. The Commercial plans provide a higher lever of overall performance for a multi-user business environment. Your business will have the ability to download larger data files and software updates faster saving you time and money. Additional static IP addresses are available with the business plans. You can use multiple computers ad laptops with any of our business plans.

Solid and reliable internet connection is the key in today’s business world. In the new high tech world of streaming audio and video, Web sites, downloads, emails with attachments RELIABLE internet is a must.

We have several customers who are connected to a T1 line which provides speeds up to 1.5mbps and we provide 3.0mbps to make up for the loss of bandwidth because of contractual obligations with that provider

Pecan Internet offers a variety of commercial packages based on each customer’s specific business needs. Please fill out your FREE site survey form or call us at 281-272-3522 for commercial package information.

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