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What is High-Speed Internet?

High-Speed Internet is a technology that provides a dedicated digital circuit between a residence or a business location and a telephone company’s central office. This circuit allows high-speed transport of data over existing copper telephone lines.

Why are the downstream and upstream speeds different?

The term “downstream” refers to the speed or “synch rate” at which data is downloaded to your computer from the Internet or your company’s network. “Upstream” refers to the speed at which your computer sends data to the Internet or your company’s network. Since most Internet applications require you to download large amounts of data while sending relatively small amounts of data, most of the bandwidth in High-Speed Internet is reserved for downloading information from the Internet or your company’s network.

Can I talk on the phone while connected to my High-Speed Internet line?

You do not need a home phone line for our Internet. This signal is wireless from a receiver we set up on your roof

High-Speed Internet provides a dedicated connection between your computer and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or company’s network. This means that there is no need to wait while your computer dials into a network: the Internet always is just a click away.

Will High-Speed Internet affect my existing telephone service?

No. High-Speed Internet will not affect your existing telephone service.

Are High-Speed Internet speeds guaranteed?

The actual download/upload speeds you experience may be impacted by conditions on the Internet. Consolidated makes every attempt to connect the customer’s service at the optioned speed. It is important to note that High- Speed Internet service is provided on a best-effort basisand, as such, does not guarantee a specific download/ upload speed. Only minimum download/upload speeds are guaranteed.

Does High-Speed Internet always connect at the maximum speed?

High-Speed Internet download/upload speeds are impacted by the performance of the Internet server you’re trying to reach and the amount of traffic on the Internet. The Internet is network of different computers that transmit data by different methods at different speeds. The speed at which you receive data with High-Speed Internet is limited by these factors.

We also sell the equipment to those who prefer doing it themselves.
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